We are Hudson Valley Women in Business

A growing community of women business owners based in the Hudson Valley of upstate New York who meet monthly, because dreaming things up in your own head only goes so far. 

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In it, you’ll find details about our upcoming meet-ups, along with daily posts on…

  • Goal-setting! Start the week strong on Mondays for accountability,
  • Inspiration! Share photos and quotes on Tuesdays to inspire each other,
  • Tips! Offer your best advice on Wednesdays for saving time and making money,
  • Walks! In-person morning meet-ups are on Thursdays in Beacon and Hyde Park, and
  • Self-Promotion! Showcase your business on Fridays to encourage referrals from within our network.

Ongoing you can pose questions, and receive feedback and support on anything you’re working on or wondering about. We discuss marketing, sales, finance, employees, getting started, growing into the next stage, selling your business, and more.

We’d love to have you join our community!


Questions? Please contact our founder, Lauree Ostrofsky with Simply Leap.