HVWiB Working Group Begins August 15

As a small business owner, you can only spend so much time figuring things out in your own head…it makes a huge difference when you have help!

Who better to bounce ideas off of and feel supported by than other women entrepreneurs who are right where you are?

Announcing the HVWiB Working Group, an invitation-only gathering limited to TEN local women in business to discuss your thorniest questions and receive answers, ideas, and support.

Taking place on the third Monday of every month through the rest of the year, you’ll receive short assignments a couple days in advance to prepare you for our time together. On the day-of, we’ll launch into guided conversation about your business while hearing from others about what’s happening in their world too. (There will also be snacks and wine!) The next morning, an email will arrive with highlights from the meeting, and notes on what you committed to so we all hold you accountable.

HVWiB Working Group gives you a Team you can count on. Not your husband or best friend, but women who get what it’s like to be where you are and who want you to succeed.

Our free monthly meet-ups will continue and this is for those of us who are ready for more focus, clarity and accountability. If that’s where you are, prepare to be challenged and inspired!


What:    HVWiB Working Group led by Lauree Ostrofsky of Simply Leap
When:   Third Monday of every month from 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Dates:   Aug 15, Sep 19, Oct 17, Nov 21, Dec 19
Where:  TBD based on where the majority of participants are located
Cost:      $125 or three payments of $45 for five meetings, assignments & notes
Bonus:   $195 for all meetings plus one 45-minute session tailored to your business

Want a seat around this table?

Fill out the questionnaire below. If your application is approved, you’ll receive an invitation with more details.






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